R-9261 for Seats between 410mm and 434mm at the Mount Point
R-9261 for Mid-Width Seats

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For mounting aftermarket seats direct to the drivers or passenger side floor
MSRP: $236.24

BK Part Number: R-9261

Description Installation Instructions
Material: 11 gauge, type 304, stainless steel
Finish: Powder-coated in durable black wrinkle-finish
Weight: 4.5 lbs
Models: Mounts seats with a width between 410mm - 434mm to BMW E9X and E82 Series floor
Miscellaneous: Because of their different seat mount points, Sparco seats tend to sit high with the R-926X seat mounts while Recaro seats mount low. We recommend tall drivers use Recaro seats and short drivers use Sparco seats. Average height drivers should be fine with either. Sub Strap Mount Sold Separately.

The R-9261 fits seats between 410mm - 434mm wide at the side mount mounting point. This includes, but is not limited to:

Features and Benefits:

-The R-926X line of seat mounts is the clean, simple, light weight, and strong way to attach your fixed back bucket seats directly to the floor of your E9X BMW. Instead of using long slots and tons of holes to create a one size fits all generic solution, they are made specifically to fit in a small number of car chassis and work with a limit range of seat sizes to create a precise fit.

-The R-926X seat mounts bolt directly to the floor using the stock BMW hardware. No floor mount adaptor or alteration to the car is required.

-The R-926X seat mounts provide all necessary mounting locations for the 3 point seatbelt. These mounting points can be used to mount lap belts for the 4, 5, or 6 points as well. Sub strap mounting is possible when using the R-9259 Sub Strap Mount (sold separately). This system allows for the use of the stock 3 point seat belt in conjunction with 4, 5, or 6 point harnesses.

-Due to not using a floor mount adaptor or sliders, the R-926X seat mounts allow your seat to be mounted lower than any other mounting solution we've seen.

-The R-926X seat mounts weight 4.5 lbs per seat. Traditional adaptor/slider/mount/belt mount point solutions can often weigh in excess of 20 lbs per seat.

-The rear seat mounting holes, which take the majority of the load in a crash, are not slotted, adding considerable strength.

-The R-926X seat mount line has been tested and certified by an independent lab to handle the types of forces required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. DOT and SAE J385 Rev.MAR 95, Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Anchorages-Performance Requirements.

-If a fire extinguisher mount is desired, all R-926X seat mounts include provision to attach the R-2295 fire extinguisher mount. This mount can be used with either our R-9520/R-9530 quick release mount or the stock 3 lb Amerex bottle mount.

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