ORANGE was built to provide a bullet-proof track car suitable for all Brey-Krause drivers.  The car is designed to teach drivers to drive; a simple car with no electronics, no ABS, no Traction Control, and street tires.  This concept forces the driver to learn the basics of driving on the track; there's no technology to cover up driver mistakes.  The end result is a car that is not easy to drive and the driver works hard to acquire the skills to drive it properly.

This car started life as a 1977 Porsche 911 blank tub.   Peter Dawe at Dawe’s Motorsports prepped the car.  The tub was acid dipped and the cage put in.   The tub was then powder-coated orange, the body work assembled, and the gas tank and other body parts put in the car.


The car was then sent to a specialty shop where the engine was built and final touches made.  This engine was completely rebuilt from the ground up using a modified 3.2 L with a 915 transmission.  Finally the interior was assembled resulting in not only a bullet-proof track car, but also a piece of artwork.   ORANGE is a truly unique classic 911 that challenges and entertains drivers of all experience levels.

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Car Specifications:
Year/Model: 1977 Porsche 911
Weight: 2250 Lbs.
Engine: 3.2 L with a 915 transmission
Tires: Currently Falken, Azenis RT 616K

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