This car started life as a 1983 SC; at some point the 3.0l was replaced with a 2.7l.. The previous owner put on PMO carburetors and SSI heat exchangers giving it a one of a kind sound and feel. It snaps and crackles and sounds a little asthmatic when woken. The car was named "Quirk" because it's just one quirky car with a unique personality that is unlike any other 911.

The idea behind this project car was to illustrate that it doesn't take engineers or master mechanics to make a cool, fun, car - although that does help. This car is owned by a Brey-Krause account representative who did most of the work himself. All of the Brey-Krause parts as well as those from other manufacturers were installed by him. This is a true "do-it-yourself" project car.

The end result of this project is a really fun "Quirky" 911 created by someone with minimal mechanical skills, but lots of motivation.

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